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Privacy Statement

Thankyou for visiting Xiscan's website.

We are fully committed to protecting your privacy.

When you connect to this site, our server automatically logs certain information, recording the IP address that you are connecting from and the browser that you are using, for example. However, no personal information is collected, so we cannot identify any individual that connects to this site.

In addition, the server records the pages that you visit or that you request. This not only helps to make sure that our information is kept relevant, but also helps preserve the site's security, since we can see if someone is attempting to gain unauthorised access.

If you fill in one of our online forms, none of the information that you enter is stored on this server.

Any personal data, including your e-mail address, is used for internal purposes only and is neither sold nor otherwise shared with anyone outside of Xiscan Limited, unless we are required to disclose such information in response to a law enforcement request.

The use of any information provided to Xiscan Limited will otherwise be restricted to the purpose for which it was provided: to allow us to inform you of our products, services or as a means of providing customer support.

Cookie Policy

Xiscan makes limited use of Google cookies, and only for the purpose of traffic analysis. We do not collect any personally identifiable information or make use of any other cookies in any other way.

If you wish, you can avoid this sort of tracking by turning Javascript off, or else by disabling cookies in your browser. The precise mechanism to delete or disable cookies depends on the browser that you are using, so you will need to refer to the appropriate help documentation.

(Further information on the cookies used by Google Analytics can be found at:

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