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Xiscan Interactive is designed for day-to-day interactive telephone scanning, using an intuitive graphical interface. Once a scan is running, the user has access to real time monitoring information to enable them to track the progress of a scan, and to monitor modem status. Interactive controls are also provided to stop, restart or abandon an executing scan. If the user starts a scan which has been configured to run later that day (or anytime in the future), the scan pauses and automatically restarts when the scans start time is reached, providing a limited degree of unattended scanning.

One of the features of Xiscan is that in adopting a toolset approach, operation of the individual tools can be devolved to a user with an appropriate skill level. Xiscan Interactive is a read-only tool that allows a user only to run scans which have already been defined through the Configuration Manager.

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Xiscan interactive

Scan selection pane

Scan statistics pane

Scan configuration pane

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