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Xiscan toolset tour

This section provides a static demonstration of the tools which comprise Xiscan.

For interactive previews of Xiscan's tools select from the menu or from the links below. Each preview gives the flavour of one of Xiscan's interfaces.

Full, up to date documentation is available to registered Xiscan users. If you'd like to know more, please refer to the Contacts page.


Configuration Manager

The Configuration Manager provides the user interface to the core database. Through it the user can customise the operation of Xiscan, load the telephone numbers for the organisation, and configure how and when scans will be run. Telephone numbers can be loaded either by directly importing an organisation's telephone list or by generating numbers through the graphical interface.

Xiscan CLI

One of the key features of Xiscan is the Command Line Tool. This tool allows telephone scanning through a powerful command line interface, enabling integration of Xiscan into a production batch processing system for unattended automatic out-of-hours scanning.

Xiscan Interactive

Xiscan Interactive is designed for day-to-day interactive telephone scanning, using an intuitive graphical interface. Once a scan is running, the user has access to real time monitoring information to enable them to track the progress of a scan, and to monitor modem status. Interactive controls are also provided to stop, restart or abandon an executing scan. If the user starts a scan which has been configured to run later that day (or anytime in the future), the scan pauses and automatically restarts when the scans start time is reached, providing a limited degree of unattended scanning.

Xiscan Call Analyser

The Call Analyser is a revolutionary capability, unique to Xiscan. Using five complementary techniques, the Call Analyser can determine the characteristics of each call with unprecedented accuracy. This not only allows better discrimination between fax and modem line usage, but also extends capability, allowing Xiscan to be used in identifying unused lines, for example.
[Call Analysis is not available as a web demonstation]

Xiscan Reporting

Xiscan provides summary reporting features, accessible through a web-based interface. Two classes of reports are available:

  • Execution Report
  • Comparison Report

To better integrate into Enterprise environments, Xiscan version 6 allows offline batch reporting.

Version 6.4 extends the reporting infrastructure to include user-customisable reports.



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