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March 2023 - Still here!
With the 2025 UK copper switch-off looming, we're still here, and approaching a quarter of a century delivering our Xiscan Mananged Service.

December 2020 - 21 years in the field
2020 sees us at the end of 21 years of delivering Xiscan Managed Service.

October 2018 - Happy Birthday to us!
October 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the start of Xiscan development.

March 2015 - Xiscan Enterprise Edition v6.4 Released
Xiscan 6.4 is an incremental release, largely designed to accommodate architectural changes introduced in Java 8. In addition, tools have been enhanced to support scan scheduling and reporting based on extended audio matching criteria used to detect carriers.

May 2013 - Xiscan Enterprise Edition v6.3 Released
Xiscan 6.3 sees the Audio Log reporting module extended to include User Audio Log reports. This feature allow a user to create custom reports to mine the call database for lines that are of specific interest to them. With the release of 6.3 we've also taken the opportunity to move support forward for the underlying infrastructure. Xiscan has now been fully validated on MySQL 5.6.10, SQL Server 2008 and Windows 7.

March 2013 - In Training, One Size Doesn't Fit All...
From April 2013, we will be offering customised training packages. Drawing on over a decade of practical experience in providing audits across diverse businesses, we can tailor a training package to prepare you for the specific issues that you are likely to meet.

September 2011 - Just How Scalable is Scalable?
For one of our customers, scalability means:

  • one installation
  • one database
  • 48 modems
  • 500,000 telephone records

July 2011 - Xiscan Enterprise Edition v6.2 Released
Version 6.2 includes incremental enhancements that build on the practical experience gained through use of our Call Analysis features.

August 2010 - Xiscan Audit Saves €20000 Per Annum
During a combined Security/Telecoms audit of a leading European financial institution, Xiscan successfully identified several hundred redundant ISDN and exchange lines. A little over one year later (in November 2011), our client reported having already realised an annual saving in line rental in excess of €20000! Return on investment has been well over 100% in the first year alone.

December 2009 - Global Scanning for Multinational Financial Institution
Xiscan's Managed Service has been adopted for scanning over 250,000 lines located in 60 countries for a leading multinational institution.

February 2009 - Xiscan Enterprise Edition v6.1 Released
Building on the success of Xiscan 6, version 6.1 has a remodelled reporting architecture. By interfacing to some of the new Call Analysis functionality introduced at version 6, Xiscan EE Version 6.1 provides a new report to allow rapid review of all calls performed during a scan, with direct links to audio recordings. The new reporting architecture has been designed to support further enhancements, which are already under development.

September 2008 - Xiscan Core Edition Released
Xiscan has always been a tool geared towards Enterprise users, with industry-leading scalability, built-in support for corporate databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL), and batch processing tools. With the release of Xiscan Core Edition we have repackaged Xiscan into a product suitable for smaller organisations, where scalability, offline operation and wide databse support are less of an issue than cost.

August 2008 - Xiscan Version 6 Released
Continuing our commitment to enhancing Xiscan, and extending its abilities into new areas, we are pleased to announce the release of Xiscan 6. Version 6 adds new scanning modes, including a dedicated fax mode and direct support for ISDN scanning. By far and away the most significant enhancement, however, is the inclusion of a sophisticated Call Analyser. Using five interlocking techniques, the Call Analyser provides unparalleled capabilities for classifying telephone lines.
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October 2007 - Kickstart Programme Launched
The Kickstart Programme provides new and existing licensees with the opportunity to have their Xiscan installation upgraded, a set of scan schedules defined and a first audit conducted on-site by a skilled Xiscan consultant. It is an ideal way to start or restart scanning activity.

May 2007 - Asset Management/VoIP Migration Audit Launched
For organisations contemplating migrating their telecommunications infrastructure to Voice over IP, we have launched a new Managed Service. It's focus is the early identification of existing modem dial-in access to ensure that ongoing requirements can be accommodated in the migration strategy. Refer to our Products & Services section for further details.

May 2007 - New Resources Added
Even in 2007, widespread modem use continues to threaten enterprise security. Take a look at the latest addition to our Resources section.

February 2007 - Xiscan Version 5.5 update released
Version 5.5 adds feature updates to Xiscan's reporting module. New system classification facilities are added, backed by a database of almost 400 system data signatures. The new module also automatically handles 7 and 8-bit modem data, includes extensive on-line help, and incorporates presentation enhancements.

January 2007 - Xiscan Core Managed Service Launched
To better fit the differing requirements of organisations, Xiscan has created a new Managed Service offering. The Core service is targeted towards organisations that have a lesser requirement for the detailed analysis that is the trademark of a Xiscan Enterprise Audit. See our Products & Services section for further details.

August 2006 - Xiscan Version 5.0 launched
Building on the existing Xiscan framework, version 5.0 incorporates almost 50 feature enhancements. From a simplified, configurable user-interface, integrated in-depth help facility to database support including Access, Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server 2005, Xiscan remains one of the most powerful and flexible tools of its type.

October 2005 - Major Irish Financial Institution Uses Xiscan
Xiscan is now providing a regular managed scanning service for a major financial institution in the Irish Republic.

July 2005 - UK Utility Company Deploys Xiscan
Xiscan Limited has been engaged to provide a rolling annual audit for a leading UK Utility Company.

May 2005 - Xiscan 1.4 launched
Xiscan continues to evolve with the release of version 1.4. Now built on Java 5 technology, Xiscan continues to improve in usability, scalability and performance. Version 1.4 also sees Xiscan fully supported on Microsoft Windows XP, with Microsoft Access 2003 and Oracle 10.1.

March 2005 - Xiscan Makes it a Million!
In March 2005, the 1,000,000th call was successfully completed as part of our Xiscan Managed Service. We now protect information assets in 40 countries. For more details on the Xiscan Managed Service, and how it can be tailored to meet your needs, see the Services page.

May 2004 - Xiscan Adopted by UK Local Government
This month sees the adoption and deployment of Xiscan with several Local Authorities within the UK. With the increasing connectivity between government agencies, protecting systems from unauthorised access is receiving an ever higher priority.

June 2003 - SC Magazine Review
Following in the footsteps of Xiscan 1.2, version 1.3 receives another award from SC Magazine:

"The principle of Xiscan is a good one. It takes the idea of war dialing software, which hackers have used to their advantage for many years to scan telephone networks in an attempt to locate entry points, and turns it against the enemy."

Read the full review at


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