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a tour of the Configuration Manager

The Configuration Manager provides the user interface to the core database. Through it the user can customise the operation of Xiscan, load the telephone numbers for the organisation, and configure how and when scans will be run. Telephone numbers can be loaded either by directly importing an organisation's telephone list or by generating numbers through the graphical interface. When importing from file, a user can specify which fields to import, and the order in which they occur. Configuration Manager also allows data to be exported, with the same degree of control.

Configuration Manager can seem a little daunting at first, but is actually quite straightforward. Data entry is through four interlinked panes. Logically related information has been grouped on a single pane, and on panels within a single pane. For example, the Site Information pane gathers together all of the information that describes your organisation's telephone network, providing the means to enter, display and update the information.

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Configuration manager

Site Information pane

Session Configuration pane

Scanner Configuration pane

Tool Defaults configuration pane

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