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 Licensing Xiscan

In keeping with our policy of being responsive to customer requirements, Xiscan is available in two versions: Xiscan Core Edition & Xiscan Enterprise Edition. Core Edition is suited to smaller organisations requiring a lower scanning throughput & less in-depth anlysis. It uses Microsoft Access as its underlying database. Enterprise Edition is more scalable, has a richer toolset (for automated execution & reporting), and can be hosted on Enterprise Class databases, such as MySQL or SQL Server.


  • Purchase of Xiscan product licence

Suited to customers that have:

  • Concerns regarding connectivity through internal modems
  • A security policy that covers unauthorised modem access
  • Security resource able to configure and utilise Xiscan to its full advantage
  • A desire to gain a better understanding of telephone line usage throughout their organisation
  • Product
  • Associated documentation
  • Maintenance options including telephone and web support

Getting to grips with a new application, in an unfamiliar technical area and against tight timescales is a difficult task. To ease you along the way we can also offer:

  • A comprehensive training package
  • On-site installation & configuration assistance
  • A combination Managed Service & Product Deployment package

If you are interested in purchasing Xiscan, or would like more information on the options available, please complete and submit the form below. A Xiscan representative will contact you as soon as possible.


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