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 Managed Service

Nobody has more experience from getting the best out of our toolset than we do.  So even though we have designed the tools to be as flexible and user-friendly as we can (if you wish to purchase a licence), many of our customers appreciate the added value that the breadth and depth of our first hand experience in scanning complex environments brings.

However, we definitely don't believe that one size fits all. As a consequence, more than a decade ago we split our Managed Service into two offerings: the Core Audit & the Enterprise Audit. The Core Audit concentrates on the basics, with the Enterprise Audit providing greater depth. Whichever you choose depends upon your own preferences, and not necessarily the size of your organisation.


Using a Xiscan consultant to plan and execute scanning. Once complete, to report results to the organisation.

It is suited to customers that have:

  • Concerns regarding internal modems requiring immediate attention
  • An internal security policy that addresses unauthorised modems
  • Insufficient available security staff

Initial Site Survey

  • Working closely with your business, either locally or remotely, a senior Xiscan security consultant will:
    • Help define the business goals and scope of the Xiscan audit
    • Assess potential impact on normal business operations when scanning
    • Highlight prerequisites and derive an agreed scanning schedule


  • Performing voice and data scans within the organisation, as defined in the Initial Site Survey (see above)
    • All findings automatically stored in the Xiscan internal database.
    • Areas of concern specifically targeted for subsequent scans.

Report Preparation & Deliverables

  • All findings are presented in a suitable report format, split into the following main areas:
    • Management Summary
    • Risk Analysis (Enterprise only)
    • Telephone System Survey Description
    • Scan Results
    • Recommendations
  • Through the use of structured spreadsheets, audit result data can be fed directly into monitoring and remediation efforts

Client Walkthrough Presentation (Enterprise Only)

The Managed Service doesn't end with the delivery of the written report. For most organisations the end of an audit marks only the beginning of the task of managing the issues. To ensure that a customer gains maximum value from an audit, a Xiscan Consultant gives an oral presentation of the audit results. This meeting usually acts as a forum for involving key staff from disparate groups within an organisation (telecomms, desktop support, security), each of whom will play an active role in addressing the modem issues highlighted by the audit.

Ongoing Support Packages:

For many of our customers, the Managed Service constitutes a number of scans over 1, 2 or 3 years. This ensures that the effectiveness of any modem security policy can be gauged, and appropriate steps taken. Indeed, most of our customers see the benefit from a periodic review of both their telephony infrastructure and their modem policy.
Once the initial scanning exercise has been performed, and your organisation's dialling structure has been defined within the Xiscan database, it is simply a matter of running the scan tool.
We make extensive efforts to consolidate results with historic data and make sure that they are easily interpreted.  Customers can thereby quickly view the status of previously-  or newly- identified modems. We aim to be flexible. Regular scanning packages can be performed on a basis tailored to suits your business needs.


If you are interested in using our consultancy services, please complete and submit the form below. A Xiscan representative will contact you as soon as possible.


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