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 Asset Management/VoIP Migration Audit


  • Locate faxes and modems
  • Identify excess line capacity
  • Ideal for IT Audit
  • Ideal for general Telecomms Audit
  • First practical step for VoIP migration


Aside from its mainstream role as an Information Security Tool, Xiscan is ideally suited to a role as an inventory management tool. With the release in August 2008 of Xiscan 6, and further enhancements introduced in February 2009 & March 2013, this capability has been extended further still. Using our new and unique scanning technology, we can not only identify where your faxes and modems are (with a higher degree of confidence than ever before), but also identify excess line capacity.


For a changing organisation looking to control costs in a traditional telephony environment, identification of excess capacity can lead to direct cost savings. Number ranges can be decommissioned saving line rental charges, and telephony switch capacity can be consolidated. Both actions can result in significant savings in recurring costs.

Organisations looking at migrating to a Voice over IP (VoIP) telecomms infrastructure can reap additional, less obvious benefits:

  • accurately mapping current line usage facilitates early decommissioning of existing infrastructure
  • identifying exactly where legacy analogue access (modem and fax) is still a requirement, so it can be catered for

One of the big issues surrounding modem access in particular is that it tends to proliferate when unsupervised. The last thing that you want in a VoIP migration is to find out, after the fact, that you have inadvertently removed remote access to a key business or infrastructure system in the process.

However, for an increasing number of our VoIP customers, the real driver is the potentially huge cost savings that can be made in support, licensing and maintenance by early decommissioning of the existing telecomms infrastructure.

For example, an organisation with a combination of less than 10000 VoIP extensions and fixed lines were able to realise ongoing annual savings of 20000 in line rental alone from unused capacity identified in a single audit that we conducted for them.

If you are interested in a Xiscan Inventory Audit, please complete and submit the form below. A representative will contact you as soon as possible.


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