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xiscan - providing cost-effective system monitoring

You may already use one of the free hacker tools to monitor your systems. Consider though that free tools aren't really free - they still cost time and effort to run. You really need to look at the total cost of ownership.

Unlike Xiscan, the free hacker tools have not been designed with corporate users in mind. Hacker tools are designed by hackers for hackers. Ease of use is not a primary consideration.

xiscan is different

Xiscan's design goals were shaped with business use in mind from the outset. Not only has Xiscan been designed for ease of use, it also separates the technical and operational roles, reducing the load on your most expensive technical resources. Xiscan sits on top of a relational database, but its design is vendor-neutral, allowing you the flexibility to use a database that suits your business. Xiscan allows both scanning and reporting as part of an unattended, automated batch schedule. Xiscan allows you to compare the current state of your system with a saved snapshot to allow you to track changes. Xiscan is designed to be easy to put information into and easy to get summary reports out of.

What costs less initially, isn't necessarily most cost-effective in the long term.


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