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xiscan - helping with education

The purpose of a modem security policy is to identify and address the particular risks associated with modem access. Ideally, your policy will forbid ad-hoc connection of modems. The best chance of ensuring compliance is through a combination of education and policing.

Once a breach has been detected, the damage may well have already been done. Prevention is clearly the better option, and that involves active education. Education needs to be an ongoing process: staff need to understand why it is important that they do not connect modems, and to be routinely reminded of the fact so that it becomes part of the company's culture. Xiscan can contribute an active part to this education process. One of Xiscan's features is that it supports voice mode scanning. During a voice mode scan, whenever a person picks up a call from Xiscan a precorded message is played to inform them that a scan is taking place. (The actual content of the message is configurable.)

Running Xiscan routinely in an automated batch schedule during working hours acts as a persistent gentle reminder to your staff that you have an active policy regarding modem access. And in an extremely cost-effective way.


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